Superhero parody

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evilleagueJoss Whedon came up with the idea during the Hollywood writers’ strike. He wondered whether one could distribute viable video entertainment, essentially bypassing the Hollywood studio machine. Split into three acts, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog features Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible, a wannabe super villain who dreams of being accepted into the Evil League of Evil and eventually taking over the world, efforts he chronicles in his video blog. His nemesis is Captain Hammer, played by Nathan Fillion, whom Firefly fans will recognize as Captain Mal Reynolds. They also vie for the attention of Penny, played by Felicia Day, who will be a familiar face for Buffy fans.
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The three acts add up to just under 45 minutes. It’s basically a musical/comic book superhero parody. And though I’m anything but a fan of musicals, I enjoyed this a great deal.