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lakeI’m always curious just what possesses people who don’t know me to stop by and read the site. I mean, I’d like to think that every so often, if only by accident, I write something someone finds amusing or entertaining or something. Well, my web server keeps track of search engine queries, so I can at least have an idea of what people typed into Google that led them here. But, as you can see below, and from the last couple of times I did this, it’s not always clear just what people were thinking when they typed in their search questions, or why it is that they thought the answer was here.
Quando stai cercando le pillole per dimagrire e non sai qualle dai prodotti per dimagrire scegliere guarda qu
Keywords: cookie monster being chased by the police
And you thought getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar was a “victimless crime.” What I find intriguing is that I don’t remember writing about the lovable Muppet having any run-ins with the law. I do, however, remember lamenting the Cookie Monster being forced to lecture kids about how cookies aren’t really all that good for you, and that you should eat healthier food instead. I guess calling him “Carrot Monster” isn’t as catchy.
Keywords: repairing shower curtain rod damage
Two words: Not fun. Not fun repairing the damage, and even less fun when you’ve caused the damage in some borderline humiliating way.
Keywords: why do so many people go to law school?
An excellent question. And too many law students don’t have very good answers, either. For most of them, it seems to be the same reason some people climb Mount Everest: because it’s there. And in both cases, too many people start out and don’t have the wisdom to know when to turn around and quit before it’s too late.
Keywords: what national chain has the best pizza?
I would probably have to go with Papa John’s with Pizza Hut being a close second, if you’re limiting it to just national chains. This reminds me that I still need to do my “Best of” post.
Keywords: join the evil league of evil
Yes, do. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is now out on DVD.
Keywords: has anyone done a stool transplant on their own
I realize that the rising cost of health care has people taking care of their own illnesses and injuries whenever possible, but there are just some times when you absolutely should consult skilled medical professionals. I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that “stool transplants” fall squarely into this category.
Keywords: i really hate medicine last year
That may be, but I still think you shouldn’t be doing your own stool transplant.
Keywords: bad dreams can’t wake up
Nice to see my fellow University of Michigan football fans stopping by. Don’t worry: it’ll be better next year.
It’s nice to know that even though I’ve been pretty bad about doing updates lately, people are apparently finding all kinds of reasons to come by and visit. No matter what brings you here, I hope you find what you’re looking for.